Yonatan Vinitsky, The Kiss (100%) – Elastic Drawing


The Kiss (100%) – Elastic Drawing


Published 2019
Black elastic, thread, steel nails
Dimensions variable
(Exhibition version: H120 x W233,5 x D3 cm)
Unique, Edition of 3 + 1AP
Accompanied by signed certificate

The use of elastic has been a major part of Vinitsky’s practice over the past decade.

Starting in 2006 with smaller geometric works, the artist started using found red rubber bands that he stretched between nails. He then gravitated to depict single objects with the introduction of yarn before moving on to more complex large-scale scenes with the use of black elastic in various widths.

Vinitsky’s process of creating these works starts with a search for an image generally taken from archives, vintage cartoon books and magazines, and instructions manuals. The selected image is then redrawn by hand and ‘translated’ by Vinitsky to define the varying positions of nails that will maintain the stretched elastic for each Elastic Drawing.


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