Jonathan Monk, Untitled (Touch Wood) Birch – Edition #2/3


Untitled (Touch Wood) Birch – Edition #2/3


Produced in 2016
158 x 78 x 7 mm
Edition #2/3

All copies are numbered and monogrammed
and accompanied by a certificate signed by the artist

Other types of wood available
– Olive
– Oak
– Macassar Ebony – SOLD OUT

Jonathan Monk’s Untitled (Touch Wood) is modelled after the iPhone 6s, and is available in four different types of wood: Birch, Oak, Olive Wood and Macassar Ebony.

As old superstition goes, sometimes we need to touch these wooden objects for good luck even if it goes against any human reason or rationale: the perfect antithesis to the iPhone 6s.

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