Josh Smith, Untitled 2006


Untitled 2006


Published 2006
Technique: Digital print
Format: 4 x 3 m / 157 x 118 inches in 6 pieces
Edition size: 8 copies + 1 a.p accompanied by a certificate signed and numbered by the artist.

Just when you thought painting was dead again (yawn), here’s Josh Smith to change your mind and make you sit up straight. Remember he lives and works in NYC, a place where “bad” often means “good,” i.e., “Damn, dude, that is a BAAAADDD painting.” Cunning linguists will note that “ass” is often appended to “bad” (when it means “good”) as an enhancer: “Your girlfriend is bad-ass, man!” At any rate, Josh is one bad-ass painter, and we look forward to seeing what he has up his smock sleeves in the years ahead.
Afterart News #4, Richard Dailey, 2006

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