Tim Maul, Lost – Portfolio


Lost – Portfolio


Published 2011

CAMERA ARTISTS / Limited Edition Portfolio

Edition of 8 copies plus 1 Artist Proof and 2 Hors Commerce
10 original signed and numbered photographs (32,9 x 48,3 cm / 13 x 19 in – size of paper)
Accompanied by a 128 page artist book (23 x 31 cm / 9 x 12 in )Each box is individually numbered.

Each photo is printed on Hahnemühle textured Museum Etching paper and protected by Terphane sleeves
The photos and book are contained in a labeled custom made canvas clamshell box

Lost (appearance alone)

“Sometime in the summer of 1975 I stepped outside an apartment in San Diego to take a photograph.

I was staying with people I barely knew and was marooned in a world of sun, beach, and continuous social interaction. Like Marcel Duchamp, whose art I then admired, my purpose in ‘taking’ a photograph (as opposed to ‘making’ one) was to produce an image of ‘visual indifference’ and ‘total absence of good or bad taste’.

Geographically speaking, I was not ‘lost’. After finishing the School of Visual Arts in 1973 I was determined to work with the camera, a machine which I have never grown accustomed to. As a student I had been greatly impressed with the films of Michael Snow and by conceptual art-where photography played a supportive role to an idea.

I was also beginning to consider ‘narrative’.

Tim Maul, NYC 11/09

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