Lawrence Weiner, Strictly un-edited, Large Image

Strictly un-edited, Large Image

Published 2006
Digital print on 115 gsm Magistra Blueback poster paper
4 x 3 m / 157 x 118 inches in 6 pieces
8 copies accompanied by a certificate signed and numbered by the artist

Lawrence Weiner is an old friend at onestar press (there are still a few, but not many, of his amazing multiples from 2004 left). Here he fills the Large Image format with a practiced master’s hand: Lawrence has been working in outsized formats since before some of you were born. He’s one of the guys who put a little retinal juice back in conceptual art in the early days, presiding over a very public ménage à trois consisting of concrete poetry, minimalism & color field painting. Or something like that. At any rate, who can count all the artists who owe part of their vision (not to mention their living) to this legend in his own time? thanks.
Richard Dailey, Afterart News #4


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