Lucy Bull, Plume




Published 2017
140 x 225 mm
150 pages
Cover: Paperback, color, glossy finish
Binding: glue bound
Interior: black and white with metallic pink gilded edge
Edition limited to 250 numbered copies

Lucy Bull is an artist living in Los Angeles. For her first book, she has decided to work on the onestar press collection format and create 67 original paintings that are reproduced 1/1. The technique that she has used for these miniature paintings is derived from the one she uses for her large scale works: a brush and paint.
« I have been working a lot with texture (hard edge vs soft focus); and thinking about Rorschach inkblots and how the human eye wants to put things in focus. I often start in a very intuitive/automatic zone and eventually I begin to excavate certain sensations. The marks oscillate from being imprints from the tip of my brush to more finessed and directionally specific as I start to trace these sensations. » LB, 2017

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