Honza Zamojski, Magnetism




Silkcreen and original drawing made with carbon copy paper
60×40 cm – 23.6×15.7 in. (unframed)
600g Pankaboard
Edition of 10 copies + 3 AP’s
(2 copies per color: Red, Green, Black, Gold, Blue)
Please specify the desired color in the NOTES field when filling your details on the order page – First Come First Served
Signed and numbered on the front
Sold unframed

…Some might consider Polish artist Honza Zamojski a poet, a prophet or a provocateur. His work is in part a profound meditation on the nature of human thought, communication and our place within the universe, in part a tongue-in-cheek rebuttal of such sober soul-searching and speculation. At times, Zamojski’s figurative imagery verges on the cartoonish: there’s always some kind of curious simplification or reduction of the iconography going on, suggestive of visual languages from earlier periods or civilizations, whether cave painting, classical or medieval traditions… Lines, patterns and geometric shapes take on symbolic, almost religious or metaphysical significance in Zamojski’s work – like civilization itself, perhaps, both deeply meaningful and utterly ludicrous at the same time…
Matt Price (From: Vitamin D3: Today’s Best in Contemporary Drawing Phaidon Editors)

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