John Armleder, Large image J.A. (strictly un-edited)


Large image J.A. (strictly un-edited)


Published 2006
Technique: Digital print on 115 gsm Magistra Blueback poster paper
Format: 4 x 3 m / 157 x 118 inches in 6 pieces
Edition size: 8 copies accompanied by a certificate signed and numbered by the artist

John Armleder’s the most elegant art guru around, and good luck keeping up with him. Don’t be fooled by his birth date. Got an idea? He had it yesterday. Remember Fluxus? John was there from the start. Heard of Ecart, the exhibition/performance space in Geneva? He founded it. Neo-Geo art/furniture morphs? You guessed it. Where would artists like Tobias Rehberger be without John? His onestar pieces (books and multiples) always reuse the onestar collection in some way, reflecting us all in the mirror of his sensibility. Here he takes the art stars we are (or would be) literally, offering us all a vision of celestial power we can groove to. State of grace, ommmmmmmmmmm, Dude.
Afterart News #4, Richard Dailey

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