Jonathan Monk, Call Weighting Paper (White Bronze Version) – Multiple


Call Weighting Paper (White Bronze Version) – Multiple


Published 2012
Edition of 12 monogrammed and numbered copies + 3 artist’s proofs & 2 hors commerce
Dimension: 112 x 57 x 9 mm
Weight: 0.5 kg
Each paperweight is accompanied by a signed certificate of authenticity.

Jonathan Monk’s White Bronze paperweight did not suffer any production delays.
Free of applications and ethical controversy onestar press is pleased to present Call Weighting Paper (white bronze version).
As smart phones, androids and particularly iPhones boast the flexibility of being an “all-in-one design for living”, Mr. Monk has cleverly crafted the antithesis.

Modeled after the ubiquitously present iPhone, Call Weighting Paper (white bronze version) can be mistaken for one but be certain that its function will defy any expectations by having taken on the most technologically savvy object and rendered it immobile and silent.
Technology will evolve, but this half kilo surely won’t.


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