Yonatan Vinitsky, Good to see you sir (Junior size) – Back-Painting


Good to see you sir (Junior size) – Back-Painting


Acrylic Paint, Assorted Wood Cuts (Obeche, Plywood), Metal Screw Eye Hooks, Metal Wire, Mini Plastic Dice Cubes, Assorted Wooden Beads, Assorted Fabrics, Plastic and Metal Pins, Glossy Dye-Sublimation Thermal Transfer Prints, Metal Tape, Plexiglass with Back-Painted Acrylic Paint, Bespoke Painted Tulip Frame, Engraved Plastic Plaque
Dimensions: H28,6 x W22,5 x D4,5 cm

These paintings are a new direction for Yonatan Vinitsky.

Taking on a new technique he calls ‘back-painting’, Vinitsky explores on acetate and glass, layering and introducing objects and photographs until a single “image” is created. 

As the artist states:

“Each ‘back-painting’ contains a story, a narrative, or a dream that is compressed from numerous and disparate elements.
I direct and organise the various elements into 3-D boxes, and as a result, the work is different with each view, exploding with new details from various angles.”
— Y.V. 

This painting is featured in Yonatan Vinitsky’s onestar press presentation: Real Life 


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