Carter Mull, Folio A – Portfolio


Folio A – Portfolio


Published 2017
CAMERA ARTISTS / Limited Edition Portfolio

Edition of 12 copies, 2 Artist Proof and 2 Hors Commerce
13 original signed and numbered photographs (32.9 x 48.3 cm / 13 x 19 in.)
Accompanied by a 102 page artist book with an essay by Tim Maul (23 x 31 cm / 9 x 12 in.)
Each box is individually numbered

Each photo is printed on Hahnemühle Baryta FB 350 gsm
The photos and book are contained in a labeled custom made canvas clamshell box

“…The Los Angeles based artist took notice and introduced himself to a clique of young people who frequented businesses around his studio and became the subjects of ‘Folio A’ an arresting series of 13 images portraits published by CAMERA ARTISTS. ‘Folio A’ documents members of a securely photogenic subset interacting with Mull’s studio materials and paintings in moments of play, repose and transference. Mull’s project has clear Warholian overtones with both Marilyn and Michael Jackson making brief cameos. Despite acting as a daytime clubhouse for Warhol and his assistant’s Gerard Malanga and Billy ‘Name’ Linich’s recent discoveries the ‘Silver Factory’ churned out hundreds of paintings, prints, and films throughout 1962-67. Warhol shrewdly enlisted notable Factory visitors into staring into the camera’s lens in his notorious ‘stillies’ or Screen Tests (1964-6) that turned the tables on the vouyeristic expectations of the Factory’s freak show-seeking tourists. Nothing so cynical in ‘Folio A’, Mull and his subjects act in agreement and the mood is trusting and collaborative.”

Excerpt from Tim Maul’s accompanying text for Carter Mull’s CAMERA ARTIST artist book.

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