Karl Holmqvist, 300574R540N3574R (glow in the dark print)


300574R540N3574R (glow in the dark print)


Published 2016

60 x 80 cm
Glow in the dark ink
Printed on acid free 2,5 mm carboard

20 numbered copies all signed on the front
+ 4 artists proofs and 3 HC

R34D WH47 I7 54Y5 1N 7H3 5T4R5. JU57 R34D WH47 I7 54Y5. C0UN7 7HE 5T4R5. D4NC3 W17H 7H3 5T4R5. 5T4R 7HE 5T4R5. 4ND C0UN71NG. 4ND 5T4RR1NG. FU7UR3 PLU5 P3RF3CT F0R3V3R. 84CK 15 U9. D0WN 15 0V3R. FUCK 7H3 5T4R5. FML. 7H3 3ND. – K.H. 2016

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