Marina Abramovic, 100 Pisama / 100 Letters


100 Pisama / 100 Letters


Published 2008
297 x 210 mm
200 pages
American folded dust cover printed in 2 colors
Interior pages printed in one color
Binding: perfect bound
1000 copies

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Since I was very young, until my early thirties, I had serious problems in opening and reading any letters I received.
Letters would stay on my table for weeks before I found the courage to open them, and during this time my sense of guilt would grow and grow.

Most of the time, when I finally opened the letters, it was too late to answer them and my sense of guilt was worse than ever.
I kept every single letter, from the first notes received from my mother, in I965, up to the time I left Belgrade for ever in I979.

I decided to chronologically write down the first sentence from all of these letters, without noting the name of the senders.
When finished, I was astonished to see how it was possible to trace all my life just by reading the text created by all these first lines.

Later I heard that Marcel Duchamp, on receiving a letter, opened, answered, and immediately burnt the letter he’d received.

Jean Tinguely never opened or answered any letter, and every Christmas he made a ritual of burning unopened envelopes, which sometimes included important information, and even checks.
M. A.


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