Yonatan Vinitsky, Nemesis Kit 1 – Back-Painting


Nemesis Kit 1 – Back-Painting


Acrylic Paint, Assorted Wood Cuts (Obeche, Plywood), Metal Screw Eye Hooks, Metal Wire, Hand Painted Natural Wooden Balls, Assorted Wooden Beads, Mini Plastic Dice Cubes, Assorted Fabrics, Plastic and Metal Pins, Glossy Dye- Sublimation Thermal Transfer Prints, Metal Tape, Plexiglass with Back-Painted Acrylic Paint, Bespoke Painted Tulip Frame, Engraved Plastic Plaque
Dimensions: H40,5 x W28,6 x D4,5 cm

These paintings are a new direction for Yonatan Vinitsky.

Taking on a new technique he calls ‘back-painting’, Vinitsky explores on acetate and glass, layering and introducing objects and photographs until a single “image” is created. 

As the artist states:

“Each ‘back-painting’ contains a story, a narrative, or a dream that is compressed from numerous and disparate elements.
I direct and organise the various elements into 3-D boxes, and as a result, the work is different with each view, exploding with new details from various angles.”
— Y.V. 

This painting is featured in Yonatan Vinitsky’s onestar press presentation: Real Life 


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